Sri Selliah Memorial School for Intellectually disabled Children

Baseline survey indicated that the parents of Sri selliah memorial special school for intellectually disabled children were not willing to send their children to school. These children were left at home without proper care, food and clothes. After a great struggle we were able to bring 32 special children to school for rehabilitation. Another problem faced by us was that the parents of these children were daily wage earners and had to go to work daily and they found it difficult to send their children to school by public transport as they are not accustomed to travelling in buses. So we have taken up the responsibility of transporting these children from home to school and back home free of cost.

At the outset, we found it difficult to give rehabilitation and therapy to these children, as they were not used to going anywhere and mingling with others. Our special educators and the support team interacted with the children for months to make them feel comfortable at school. Now there are 27 children in our school. They are taught daily living skills, motor skills, speech skills, emotional skills, thinking skills, yoga, games, dance, singing, crafts, gardening etc.,

Natural Farming

SSM Trust is creating awareness to the farmers in the project area about the natural farming method.SSM Trust is also giving training to farmers to prepare fertilizers using cowdung and Gomiyam of local cow etc. The fertilizers prepared are ganajeevamirtham , Jeevamirtham etc,. Local cow dung attracts earthworm (Farmers friend). Earthworm helps the farmers to produce healthy, chemical free, nutritious products. Earthworm digs holes in the farm land and through which rain water penetrates into the land resulting in increase of ground water level.In natural farming no residues are burned emitting methane gas thus helps to prevent Global warming.

Clean and Green villages

Awareness is being created among the rural women on Global warming, drinking clean and pure water, how to use vegetable waste as manures for their kitchen garden,and to protect our environment by not burning the waste which emits methane gas. SSM Trust is also creating awareness among the women regarding depositing the garbage in the proper dustbin and keep the surrounding clean and healthy.We are also motivating the women to plant trees near their houses and in the common area to get plenty of green covers to attract rain.

Rain Water Harvesting

According to the period surveys the rainfall is very low in Thuraiyur, Manachanallur and Musiri blocks. There is water scarcity for agriculture and domestic use. The Trust is promoting water shed development and rainwater harvesting in each household to increase the ground water level. The Trust is working through SHGs to provide wide publicity and propaganda to improve rain water harvesting in houses, public buildings and school premises.

Women Empowerment

Joint Liability groups Supported by NABARD Bank, Formation of women self help groups.

Women Self Help Groups/Joint Liability Groups

As the trust believes that women empowerment is very important especially in the rural areas it provides a common platform for forming Self Help Groups / Joint Liability Groups to share their experiences and to find ways to become self reliant. The Trust is mainly collaborating with Government Agencies such as DRDA, Block development Office, other line departments and NABARD Bank to empower the women through providing financial support for economic development activities.

Tribal Development Programme

In the Tribal Development Programme, the organization works with Malayali Tribes of Pachaimalai Hills in Trichy District. It covers 30 tribal villages compromising 14,000 tribal population. The Trust concentrates on development programmes like Health and Hygiene, Education, formation of Self Help groups, Paddy field terracing, Agroforestry, Organic cultivation, etc.,

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